Recording with defects

Often, when recording, it happens something like a “short cut” in the middle of the words.
The words are not recorded and the program reproduces this strange sound for a few seconds, over the original sound.
Also you can see the strange signs showed at the display of the program,
And this defect. does’nt happen connected with nothing I do, it seems to be random.
Can you help with that?

So you can see what I’m talking about.
erro numero dois.aup (3.03 KB)

AUP is not a sound file. It’s an Audacity Project manager text file.


Try File>Export audio> yourfilename.mp3 and upload it

Sorry, the goal was that you SEE the diagram, the error is represented grafically there.
But here is the mp3, you can not see, but you can hear it.

Audacity records the signal it receives. If it gets sent noises due to a corrupted stream, it records the noises.

Exactly what equipment are you recording with (makes and model numbers) are how does that equipment connect to the computer?


Repair is possible using Paul-L’s DeClicker plugin

Paul-L's DeClicker settings used.png

No-infrasound.xml (187 Bytes)