Recording With A Guitar Amplifier

Is there a cable that I could plug into the usb port on my laptop and then into either the aux jack or the headphone jack on my amp? Or maybe a converter? If so, I would greatly appreciate the help. By the way, my amp is a peavey vyper 30watt.

Basic mismatch. The generic Mic-In of a laptop is very sensitive and good for a low level mono computer microphone like a Skype headset. You’re providing a Stereo, high level signal from the amplifier, so no. That generally doesn’t work. You are listening to just shy of a thousand times overload inside the laptop.

If your computer has a Stereo Line-In, use that. Most laptops don’t, but large deskside PCs and Macs do. Some laptops can switch one connection between high and low level. You can’t just turn it down. You find that even with the controls almost all the way down, the sound is still terrible – or completely off.

You can also use one of the many USB adapters we reviewed.


Sweet, thank you very much Koz for the quick reply :slight_smile:. That deffinetely answers my questions.