Recording Skype, Microphone and FRAPS seperately?

Evening All!

I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to be able to record my game audio with FRAPS, and then my Skype Calls seperately?
Ideally I’d like to be able to record my voice seperately from my friends voice on Skype so that I can play around with the tracks, such as volume etc.

I understand that I might need to download some software for this but i’m not sure what?
Has anyone got a walkthrough, video or guide in relation to setting this up?

Thanks in advanced :smiley:


I might need to download some software for this

I get two machines … and even then downloading special software to record Skype without the sound channels getting messed up. Either Pamela…

… or something from this list.

And then FRAPS on the gaming machine.



I do not have another PC, the money for a new one, or the intention of buying a new one.

This seems to be an extreme solution to simply recording Skype, FRAPS and Mic individually?


simply recording Skype, FRAPS and Mic individually?

There’s nothing simple about it. Skype demands that it be the only sound program running on your machine. I’d be really surprised if you got Skype and a game and FRAPS to run at the same time without at least one of them going into the mud.

If you do find a way to do it, post back.



I currently run all of them on one machine and one monitor without any problems.
I talk on Skype, play a game and record both audio through FRAPS. I then record my voice through Audacity.

All I need to do is be able to seperate the Skype and Game audio.



I always record all programs together.
I Skype a friend and record the game through FRAPS. This records the audio from both.
Then I use Audacity to record my microphone and commentate over the top.

I do this on one computer with one monitor.
All I want to do is record Skype seperately from the game on FRAPS.


Presumably you want both game and Skype recorded separately in stereo? But you want to hear both Skype and game while you are recording?

You really want two recording applications running, one of which records only from Skype and one which records only from the game. But the game audio is going through Skype and is part of the conversation, which makes it hard.

You might be able to do something with Voicemeeter Banana - it looks as if it could distinguish the Skype caller from the game audio. You can set any recording application to record any (or all) of the VoiceMeeter outputs. So you might need two recording applications going, one for the Skype caller and one for the game, as well as recording your mic in Audacity. You might be able to get help from the VoiceMeeter author or a gaming forum, where this could be a common question.

Post back if you figure out an exact method.