Recording on imac

Hi All,

I have been using Audacity for many years on a PC and I am moving to an iMac. I have a new iMac with the latest version of Mavericks and the newest version of Audacity. My question is - the iMac has no microphone input like the PC, it only has USB and Thunderbolt inputs and a headphone out. We are trying to record from our soundboard directly to the iMac. There is a cable I can get that is USB to 1/4" which I can connect to the soundboard and the iMac. Will this work or do I need some type of external sound card to run the signal through? Thanks


A 1/4" plug will not fit the iMac. As you have noticed, the iMac does not have a line input.

You will, indeed, need an external sound card. I have found that the Behringer UCA-202 works well.

This thread reviews other options.

– Bill

Thanks, actually I was thinking USB to imac and 1/4" out from mixer but I guess I need something in between?

I’ve not seen one of those for a line out, but I’ve seen ads for guitar-to-USB cables. You’ll have more flexibility getting a USB interface box (such as the UCA 202) for the iMac, then getting the correct analog cable to go from the mixer to the interface. If you ever need to connect a different audio device to the iMac you’d just need a different analog cable.

– Bill