recording crackle with Scarlett 2i4

Hi, I’m having troubles with my new audio interface. I currently use a focusrite scarlett 2i4 and trying to record my guitar from a shure sm57. I can record, but recordings are full of ‘ticks’ like a realy noisy vinil, or the like. I’m controlling and keeping the gain low, but still have this problem. I’ve tried with different setups, amps, guitars, the problem persists.

I have no problems at all if I record into Logic or Garage band, but currently I have to use Audacity for a specific project.

How to eliminate my issue?

I’m on latest audacity on osx 10.11.6.

Thank you, regards

See if there’s anything here.


I’ve got similar problems recording with a scarlett focusrite 2i4, from a shure sm57 in front of my guitar amps. I’ll investigate and let you know.

If you have similar problems it will be best to try similar solutions.


@stratboy, we now have this topic just for you. To avoid confusion, just reply here if you need more help.


Hi Stratboy,

If you are still experiencing these issues it would be worth running through trashing your audio preferences as these can occasionally become corrupted, details on how to do this can be found here:

Let us know how this goes.