Recording a Skype Call with a Blue Yeti

Greetings all,

I’m struggling a little bit with setting up a conversation between several people and recording the call. We’re recording for a podcast, and will have 2-3 people in studio, with another 2-3 remote. I’d like to be able to record, all at once if I can, the audio coming through a single Blue Yeti Mic, as well as the audio coming from the remote hosts through skype. I am using audacity, and also Magix Movie Edit Pro (although I really only need one, I’ve used both and list both here as I could do either.)

My issue is that I can get Audacity to record either the remote participants, or the audio from the Yeti, but not both. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Neither Skype nor Audacity “play well with others” as you’re finding. If you do manage to force the recording to work, chances are good Skype will stop working. There are some people who just load the software, fire the whole thing up, record a podcast and go home. Those people are unicorns. Most people get what you got.

We recommend a dedicated Skype recorder such as Pamela paid software or one of the other offerings.

Pamela will record the far side and the near side as separate tracks in a stereo show to make post production filtering and effects easier, and it will do it in high quality WAV format to avoid MP3 compression distortion.