Recording 4 channels: Behringer Uphoria UMC404HD [SOLVED]

Click on the Behringer device, then look in the Properties.

I think this is what you wanted to see in PROPERTIES (?)

I was thinking that if, when you want to change from 4 channels to 2 channels, you may be able to change it there to 2 channels, then in Audacity “Rescan audio devices” and then record 2 channels in Audacity (rather than having to shut down Audacity and restart).
And to change back to 4 channels, do the same but change from 2 to 4.

No guarantees this will work, but could be worth trying.
(make a note on paper of your settings that work before you change them)

As far as total keystrokes, it’s easier to change over to 2 CHANNEL in the device toolbar of Audacity. I just have to change from WASAPI to WINDOWS DIRECT and it’s good to go - no need to scan and no need to shut down/restart Audacity.

OK, thanks for the info.
I’ll lock this thread now as it may be a useful reference for others that have a Behringer Uphoria UMC404HD.

If you require help with anything else, please start a new topic.