Recordin/Playback level

Old classic rocker here. Running Aud 2.1.2 on an old laptop w/W10. I have combined a list of songs from various sources and love the audacity app. On playback in my old toyota, one song will play at a volume that I have to crank all volume inputs to hear. the next song blows me right out the window.

I see controls for recording level and for playback level on the aud screen. can I use them to level out the playback volume that I get? HOW?

If you are making a CD (a limited number of tracks), you can use the Amplify effect to adjust the volume of each track (by ear).

The best approach is to use the default Amplify setting first, which will pre-scan your file and default to whatever change is needed for “maximized” 0dB peaks. Go ahead and apply the default to all of the tracks.

Then listen to the tracks and if the volumes don’t match, choose the quietest sounding track as your reference.

Run Amplify again and adjust-down the louder tracks to match (by ear).

The best solution for your entire library is to use [u]MP3Gain[/u] or WaveGain, or another ReplayGain related application. Or, if you have an Apple device, turn on sound Check.

Or, there is a [u]ReplayGain Plug-In for Audacity[/u].

Note that most commercial recordings are normalized (maximized) with 0dB peaks, and that includes many quiet-sounding songs. So like the manual method, the above applications/techniques must turn-down the volume of much (most) of your music in order to match volumes.

I load my music onto a micro sd card and then play them on my android phone. I can either umbilical to my car stereo or bluetooth to a portable speaker system.

Will check out the replay gain plug in. thanks…