Recorded call (with authorization) _ inaudible contact


So I have audacity 2.0.5 on windows 10 x64

I’m sorry for my poor english, here is the thing :

I am very annoyed. I recorded a phone call with my thesis director (and with her authorization of course). In this call, she gives me all the advice to update my memory. But I had the bad idea to record it with my headphones. So, you hear my voice very loud and I barely perceive her. I tried to amplify his voice and reduce the noise with audacity but it still does not give anything audible … Can someone help me?

Here is the file in question:

Thank you in advance for your help…

There is an Audacity plugin called LevelSpeech2 designed for that purpose: it only amplifies the quiet voice in the conversation, however it also amplifies the hiss noise, see …


Thanks! I’ll try that! You think it could work if I use furthermore the “white noise eraser” (sorry I don’t know the real name in english…)
I’ll try tomorrow anyway, thank you!!

“white noise eraser” = Noise Reduction,
Unfortunately Noise Reduction usually does not make speech go from incomprehensible to comprehensible,
it just makes it less hissy, see …