Realtek drivers breaking RME ASIO drivers in Windows 10

This is just a notification for users who compile the ASIO implementation in Audacity. I have found for a second time that Realtek drivers break the RME ASIO drivers used on BabyFace and MadiFace digital recording and playback products (ADACs). In this case the symptom was that Audacity just did not see the ASIO devices. Other programs could see the ASIO devices but broke when any attempt was made to use them. In this instance it was an older chipset, although still running the current version of Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. These were Realtek drivers without any ASIO implementation of their own so the registry fix previously used was not applicable. Instead the Realtek ( “Azalia” ) drivers had to be uninstalled along with Realtek’s audio devices management tool. I haven’t tested with other DACs but if I get around to testing I’ll report back.

This appears to be an old problem:
As described in that post, another workaround is to disable the onboard Realtk device in BIOS.