RCA output and computer USB input

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting mixing board RCA output into a notebook computer that only has USB inputs (no mic input). Thanks, John

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I think I got the answer to my question

lots of stuff (sweetwater) USB_Audio_Interfaces and lots of stuff (Long And McQuade)

XLR mic to USB at Sweetwater

RCA input and output to computer USB as well.

Did you come to the right place or what.

That’s a Behringer UCA202. It connects the “Tape Out” of my mixer

to any computer with a good USB connection. I have two.

It will actually translate both directions and it has a mini-mixer inside so you can listen to the sound either direction with the headphone connection. It’s certified for Sound-On-Sound/Overdubbing.

There’s three in the series I know of, UCA-222 with the paint job and UFO-202 has the built-in phono preamplifier.


It’s not the only one.


If you have a special purpose, you may like one of the others. It does not, for one example, have a microphone amplifier.