Random Crackling/Popping Noise when recording voice


I’ve recently noticed that my Beyerdynamic FOX is creating random crackling noises at random times when I’m speaking. It’s definitely not clipping, but electronic popping which occurs aprox every 15 sec.

What do you think might be causing this? I went thru most of the potential fixes found online (move away from USB hubs, Power settings, etc.), but with no improvements. Tried the Microphone on a different PC, with same results, which might be pointing to the microphone - or some kind of program on both PCs that is interfering with it.

Sample attached.


Windows 10, Audacity 3.0.3

Saliva: it sounds like typical lip-smacking wet-mouth noises.

There is a free de-clicker plugin for Audcaity which can get rid of most of them in one fell swoop …

[Other fa$ter declicker plugin$ are available].


thanks a lot for the declicker idea, it does help in post with some of the clicks.

However, some are more extreme, like this example, and I’d love to be able to avoid them in real-time.

That’s not a plain, ordinary recording. Big_Clicks.mp3 is highly processed. That silent segment at 4 seconds is impossible. No simple microphone system can do that—it’s too quiet. “Anyting goes” is upcut. It sounds like “nything goes.”

That little tick at 1.7 seconds is electronic interference. Something in your microphone chain seems to be following your voice OK (that’s one of the common failures) but adding those ticks on top of your voice.

Audacity doesn’t apply filters, effects, processes, or corrections during recording. Whatever you have between the microphone and Audacity is causing all these problems.


Thank you for the response.

The second clip was processed, yes. Noise gate, compression, limiter…

So you’re saying that clicks like this

are only caused by my mouth? This is an unedited clip from, just normalized in Audacity.

Here’s me saying that 5 times in a row. Only normalized to -2dB.

Well, that’s awkward.

Here are two different mic clips of the same sentence.

First one is the Beyerdynamic FOX /w foam via USB.

Second one is Rode Lavalier Go via onboard 3.5mm mic jack.

And here’s the Beyerdynamic with a 500Hz SIN signal generated on a phone app.

And the last one, with RTX on (it should not matter in this case). Popping present.

The big click in “like” is not wet-mouth, it’s skipping: the computer was not listening for a moment,
possibly distracted by other software running at the same time. The discontinuity gives the game away …