Quickly Joining Tracks

The “Mix and Render” function can join multiple tracks into one long track if the tracks are first aligned end to end below each other. However, when the “Mix and Render” function is used, it takes a long of time (more than one hour if many aligned tracks are mixed). Is there a way to quickly join all imported tracks into one long track without mixing and rendering them, which takes a lot of time?

It’s possible time-shift vertically: to drag all the tracks onto one track, end-to-end …
time-shifting vertically.gif

Thank you for showing how to join separate tracks. Since I import many tracks into a project, is there a way to have the program join all of them automatically into one long tack?

That sounds like “append import” … Append Import

Are you working with HUGE projects? For me, Mix and Render typically takes just a few seconds.