Question on noise gating.

Hey guys!

So im working on my 8th acx title and this process is starting to become something i sort of understand and am reslly looking to do a decent job at. I understand the problem on using noise gates as they drop everything to absoulute zero and make listening to the file terrible over the long run. So my issue is:
can i layer a track of roomtone underneath my audiotrack so when the gate happens it doesn’t actually drop out the noise-floor completely?? I use a gate to get rid of mouth sounds primarily, and revently ive been trying to work without one but after listening to the end result i think i like the files more with a noise gate than nhearig too much mouth noise.

I have no problems meeing ACX requirements and theres enough room in my noisefloor so that the gate isnt neacesarry for passing acx requirements and my RH says she loves the audio quality but im concerned theres something im mot hearing.

If my file comes in at -23 RMS overall, the peaks are good and the noisefloor is fine, can i layer 10 minutes of roomtone underneath my audio to cancel the weird effect of the noise gate?

Thanks for any input. Im trying not to do too luch to the files but after reading about noise gates Audible has me nervous a out then.

You don’t have to gate to dead zero. I believe you can tune the reduction.

Have you tried gentle noise reduction?

Noise Reduction is covered at the bottom of the ACX Mastering Suite posting.

Noise Gating is not recommended for audiobook reading. It’s really rough to hide the weird artifacts and we should remember, ACX Hates Processing. If they catch you with gate keying artifacts in your work, you may have trouble submitting the ninth book.

So let me read this back to you:

“I’ve read multiple audiobooks and everybody loves my work, so I’m going to mess with the sound until it stops working.”


De-Clicker is a better tool to remove mouth sounds, (but it’s slow).

I guess my point is that I want to drop the breathing and mouth sounds that the gate takes care of but if i have an audible roomtone that rests at the natural roomtone shouldnt that negatbthe jarring effect of thennoisr gate dropping out? Im really only looking to mitigate the dropping souds from gating.

De-Esser and De-Clicker are designed for mouth noise problems.

You can start a new track under your existing one (Tracks > Add New) and put a “processed” Room Tone on that track. Loop it until it comes out the right length. It will play at the same time as your dialog and will automatically mix when you File > Export.

You’re still going to get gating artifacts, but not as loud.


There is a desperation method.

Set up the gated track on top and the constant Room Tone on the bottom. Use the Envelope tool to manually switch the Room Tone track in and out as needed.

There is one more totally out-there possibility. Auto Duck is a tool that automatically “ducks” or reduces the volume of a music track when you start talking.

Instead of a music track, you can duck the Room Tone track.