Project Notes Stored in Audacity


This seems like a basic question, but is there an option in Audacity to store notes and comments about the project as part of the .aup3 file? Or maybe some other workaround to keep notes and comments with the project?



I use a low-tech method - For important projects, I create an empty folder on my computer, and put everything relating to that project into that folder (including notes). More detail here:

Try this little program
Been using it for many years. It needs no set-up in windows registry and can be run from any location (USB stick, external drives).
It has the handy option to stay on top, and you can Taylor it to the enth degree.
As its in a self-contained folder, you can right click it and select SEND TO COMPRESSED ZIP FOLDER to make regular back-up copies.
The tree branches here I created for a PIM manager and address book. But you can simply create a branch with the name of your project, and sub-branches within those.

Thanks Steve and ISAACC,

I have a similar structure for each project, but I was wondering if everything could be contained in the .aup3 file.

I’ll take a look at MemPad.


You can save short, single line notes / comments as “labels” (See: