Processing long tracks with DeClicker.ny

Hi Steve, thanks for all your input so far.

I’m not sure what you are asking works reliably. The code that you pasted certainly works fine, it fades out chunks of the file, works perfectly, chunk by chunk. The De-Clicker also works fine as long as I don’t give it too big a chunk of audio to work with, in which case it falls over.

If you could point me in the way to go to to get De-Clicker to work in the macro instead of the fade, that would be awesome.

FYI I note that in the ‘regular’ part of the Audacity menu, there is also a click removal option, and I remember that I went searching for the extra plugin a few years back, but I don’t remember why, perhaps because the clicker wasn’t in Audacity at that time, perhaps because it didn’t perform as well.

The one I use does work very well, but maybe a year ago an Audacity update or something else made it fail on longer tracks, and I had to remove it from the macro that I use to clean up audio.

OK, this is what I’ve got:

1. A plug-in called “Loop Processing”.
Loop_Processing.ny (2.43 KB)
This plug-in needs to be installed. It will appear in the “Tools” menu. (Note that recent versions of Audacity require Audacity to be restarted after plug-ins have been added).

This plug-in has two “modes” (effectively it is two plug-ins in one).

  • Analyze: This mode measures the length of the focused track and calculates the length of each section.
  • Select: This mode selects a region of the track.

The only other control sets the number of sections.
Note that this control is only used when analyzing.

2. A macro script

The plug-in must be run in “Analyze” mode first.
Then, before the required effect can be applied, the plug-in is run in “Select” mode.

The whole macro would look something like this - note that in this example the effect is being applied to 4 sections (quarters of the track length).

LoopProcessing:mode="Analyze" num="4"
LoopProcessing:mode="Select" num="4"
LoopProcessing:mode="Select" num="4"
LoopProcessing:mode="Select" num="4"
LoopProcessing:mode="Select" num="4"

and here’s an example macro that applies the “Adjustable Fade” effect to quarters of the focused track.
loop process.txt (534 Bytes)

Hi Steve, I just wanted to come back to you (after I took an age to dig out my password to be able to comment) to say thanks so much for this, it works perfectly, it’s exactly what I needed!