problems with wave gain

I know this is an audacity forum but im trying to install this wavegain software so I can have my audio file waves even…is there somewhere else where I can download…everytime I try to use it I get a message saying"wavegain.exe not found".i used it once and it was good but I cant seem to use it anymore…are there
and tutorials for it?thanks


Try downloading from [u]here[/u].

Assuming you want to run the Windows GUI version, run WaveGain frontend.exe

BTW - There’s a [u]ReplayGain Plug-in[/u] for Audacity which uses the same underlying loudness algorithm, but using it is a few extra steps if you’re not already working on the file with Audacity.

I tried to install wavegain from that link and it went nowhere…is there another link?


The link works OK for me, but please note that Wave Gain is not our product and as such we are not able to offer support for it.
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