Problems connecting M-Track Duo to Audacity!

We have just bought an M-Audio M-Track Duo audio interface connected it to Audacity. In Audacity Audio Set Up Shows the M-Track Duo for Playback and Record, M-Track Duo is selected for Playback and Recording. Audacity will playback through the M-Track Duo but with the microphone connected to the M-Track Duo, Audacity will not record. Any suggestions? We have re-started Audacity, but nothing changed! Windows 11. With out own, much more professional mixer, it all works perfectly, just not with the new M-Track Duo. Thanks!

You don’t say if you are trying to overdub or are you trying to monitor what you are recording.

A lot of people have had difficulties with the M-Track Duo. See these posts for additional ideas:

Many thanks for the information, Jademan, we now can record. Our problem was only recording. We had no problems at all when we were using a much bigger mixer, but which I don’t need for what I do. The only thing now is that it won’t record on projects that I already had going, but that is not a problem, as they were all trials. Still, shouldn’t whatever device we use always record, even if tomorrow we change the mixer we are using?

You might think… But I am not sure that I understand at all what you are asking…

Sorry, I am a real beginner and English is my third language, so I don’t always know how to phrase my words in technical stuff. What I meant is that probably any device should be able to record and playback on Audacity, even if the next day we use a different one.

Yes, that is what we all hope for. In practice, the real world steps in. :wink:

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It is all so complicated and then all the glitches, but that is the same with all technology! 3/4 of the time goes into trying to solve problems. I have now found a photo editor which works like clockwork, paid but very cheap. By the way, do you know whether the Effects on Audacity can’t be tweaked after saving? That is a real pain because sometimes, on hindsight, one wants to change them. And MuseFX?

Yes; see: MuseFX plugins Help

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