Problem with noise reduction

Good evening

I recorded an audio track with Audacity. With the sound being done, I used the noise reducer to take out of the parasit noise of the microphone with a reduction setting of 12 throughout the track.

The result being relatively good but not perfect in my opinion (my new microphone is noisier than the old one), I therefore decided to redo a noise reduction passage on the “silences” (always a little noisy) between the parts. of voice. So I used the noise reducer again with increased reduction (15), of course selecting ONLY those parts to correct. So normal procedure: I get a sample of the part of the track to correct then I select the whole of the part to be processed

And there, worries! the noise reducer also modifies the voice parts on either side of the “silence” (I can see it in the voice curve which changes and loses frequencies. The voice parts therefore had in the end 2 treatments of reduction, which affects the quality

Do you know the origin of this problem? Bug?

Thank you in advance for your answers


This might go a lot better with a voice sample.

Don’t process or filter anything. Just record it as you normally do, export, and then post it on the forum.



Could it be related to the Frequency Smoothing or Time Smoothing? The documentation for Noise Reduction says that “Time smoothing is always applied by Noise Reduction (attack of 20 milliseconds and release of 100 milliseconds) but the settings are not configurable. Any frequency smoothing you request is applied after time smoothing.”


I think you’re doing all of this wrong and there may be much better tools for a much better result. We’ll find that out when we listen to your sound test.