Problem using PC headset mics with a Yamaha audio mixer...

I know I’m late on this, but whatever… I just succeeded into making the circuit for my own headset, so I’ll try to help with your questions.

First of all twisting any cable together in this will make it fail. From what I understand of your post, you were talking about the mic cable. You need all 3 cables for that side of the circuit (not just tip and sleeve). Tip is the audio signal coming from the mic, ring is used to provide voltage to the mic, and sleeve is the shield. You should find a way to test’em and find out which wire provides which signal.

Where you only need tip and sleeve, is on the other side of the circuit, the one that leads to the mixer. I had 3 cables there (a XLR cable actually), I wasn’t sure about what to do with the ring one, so I simply cut it off (usually the blue cable, “cold”). The red wire is usually the tip (hot) and the sleeve is usually just a copper-metal wire. I just followed Koz’ handdraw from the 2nd page of that thread, and everthing works fine.

Hope I help, feel free to ask anything else.