Problem in recording audio from other side

I tried recording audio (MP3) of my video conference. During live, all sounds are good. However, when I play back the recording, I can hardly hear audio from other side (participants). I can hear my own voice recorded clearly. I tried using both Audio Host - MME as well as Widnows WASAPI but without any luck. I wonder if there is any other settings which I need to check or any settings to amplify participants sound from other side. Thanks.

By default Windows only allows recording from one input/device. The exception is WASAPI loopback which allows you to record everything coming out of the soundcard (what you’re hearing in your headphones/speakers) and that can be a mix of sounds.

There is special software to get-around that limitation but I’ve never used it. I THINK Zoom has a recording option.

As DVDdoug suggests, recording an online meeting is not easy. Also, see this thread: Recording Zoom call

Perhaps Audacity needs to address this issue in its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Both Skype and Zoom offer system recording features (on their servers). Zoom in particular has individual recording features where you can go in and retrieve individuals as sound files. If you go this route it is very highly recommended that every person in the conference be wearing headphones or earphones. Much of the wine-glass, milk-jug Zoom Voice distortion comes from room echo directional management which vanishes if the user in that room is on headphones and not in Hands- Free.

Basic computers only have two sound channels, stereo record and stereo playback. Recording both sides of a conference requires you to use four of the existing two channels. That and as mentioned above, Audacity will only record from one “thing.” Your microphone is one thing and Zoom Service is another thing. Pick one.

You will experience the joy of Zoom Racing. Get your conference or interview set up and completed before Zoom Update Services swings by and destroys them. Zoom success is dependent on the program maintaining absolute mastery of the sound channels in your machine. There is no you and Zoom. While it’s running, there is only Zoom.

All hail Zoom. Ommmmmmmmm.


I did save it. I need to get better at writing down where.


Thank you kozikowski, DVDdoug, jademan for your expert insights and help. Really appreciate that.