Hi all
Please be kind. By the by, I am using Audacity 3.2.3 and Windows 11.
I couple of friends and myself have decided to start a podcast. Audacity seemed to be an obvious place to start as it is free and we can get used to the mechanics of it before we might choose to go for a paid-for app.
The problem I have is that in the tests we have done, we have played around with the settings but we have got to the point where the recorder can record the other participants but not themselves. So the quality of the recording is pretty good but, as I say, Audacity only records the non-recorders’ voices, in this case 2 people.

I’m reasonably familiar with what I would call normal IT but this one has me beaten. I’ve Googled and watched YouTube videos but I guess I am watching the wrong ones. I assume this is a very, very rudimentary thing to remedy

Rally appreciate any thoughts.
Many thanks, Ian

where the recorder can record the other participants but not themselves.

I assume everybody is in a different location like a Zoom meeting or a Skype call?

Usually those apps have built-in recording ability.

There are some 3rd-party applications that can make it work. But… Assuming you don’t have a dedicated recording-broadcast engineer, It’s probably best to keep it as simple as possible.

By default, Windows only allows recording from one thing at a time and Audacity doesn’t have a way of getting around it.

Thank you for your response
Please forgive me, we are all using MS Teams. I should have mentioned that.

So, a daft question if I may: does this mean that the podcast can be recorded as per a bog standard work meeting in MS Teams? and I assume there are editing apps that can get this into shape? Could I import a Teams recording into Audacity to edit, as it seems quite user friendly?

I really appreciate your help with this
Best wishes, Ian

virtual mixer

Thanks, Trebor.
I will take the weekend to digest that.

Much appreciated, Ian