ok i’m trying to figure all this out and i’m losing sleep so here we go.

i have a laptop with vista, and i’m willing to use whatever program i can afford, right now trial version of adobe audition.
i have a mackie 1202 mixer.
i have a m-audio mobilepre usb.
is it possible to hook up the mixer to the interface? or is that pointless? if not, how would i do that?
i need to record 3 (or 4) drum mics, but my interface only has 2 lines in, which is why i got the mixer because it has more channels. if i can’t use the mixer how do i record drums? is it possible to connect 2 interfaces together for the purpose of more channels? if so how would i do that?
i know that’s a lot of (i’m assuming) beginner questions but i really need some help here. think of it as a christmas present if you answer :wink:


That may kill you right there for two reasons. Audacity doesn’t directly support ASIO drivers and M-Audio uses ASIO. The interface doesn’t seem to have any Line-In connections. Or it only has one, which I’m guessing gives you a mono show.

It would be a juggling act to get the Mackie into the computer, but that would work if we got the right box in the middle. I don’t think Mackie has Microphone Level Outputs, so you can’t use any of the MobilePre microphone connections.

<<<i have a laptop with vista,>>>

Even better. Most Windows laptops don’t have high level, stereo, Line-Ins. So there’s another interface problem. I’m trying to remember the config for our Mackies. I think you can get to RCA with two of these…

Mackie gives you Left show on one socket and Right show on the other – balanced, but you can fudge that with the adapters.


According to the M-Audio page the mobilepre works with MME. It also has two “high impedance” inputs apparently designed for guitar/bass, but they could probably be made to work as line inputs. So you could probably go from the line outputs of the Mackie into the hi-Z inputs of the mobilepre.

You’ll never get more than two channels into Audacity from the mobilepre no matter what you do. Using the Mackie you could mix your four drum mics down to stereo.

– Bill