Please advise on best order of applying effects

it didn’t pick up any fan noise.

It probably also didn’t pick up any clicking, ticking, popping, gaps, skipping, volume problems, compression defects, echo suppression artifacts or noise reduction distortion.

Just a guess.


True, but I didn’t have any of those problems when using it attached to my Linux laptop. The only problem I had was fan noise.

The only problem I had was fan noise.


To air is human.


Hi Koz,

I used your “Produce a Simple Audacity Forum Voice Test” and have attached the recording. Any thoughts or suggestion on the edit process?

I posted a thread and it led me to posting this clip. Your directions said to post a raw unedited clip.

Hi there,

Great to see you’re getting into audio recording! Your process looks solid. Start by recording room tone, then record your text and mark mistakes with a clap or snap. Do your initial editing (cutting and pasting) before applying effects, and save a copy in a high-quality format like WAV. When applying effects, a typical order is noise reduction, EQ, compression, and any additional effects like reverb or normalization. Editing first ensures consistency if you need to re-record any parts. Your setup with the MacBook Pro, Sennheiser headphones, Zoom H4N, and Rode NT1-A is great, and a carpeted room works fine for now. For more efficient delivery management, check out InstaDispatch. Happy recording!