play a file of an actual written *.wav file

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Is it possible to play along a file , meanwhile it is written by another program in a *.wav file ?
Could be a few seconds timeshiftet .

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I’m not sure exactly what you mean. If you mean, can you record while another track is playing, then yes you can. Just “Import” the track that you want to play along with, then start recording.

thanks , no I receive a *.wav over network and it writes the audio file into a file for example audio.wav , this file is growing and growing and I want to play this file during it grows .
Actually I can play this file , but only to the point I opend the file in audacity .

OK, I understand.
The answer is no you can’t do that.

Audacity does not directly work on the file that you select. Audacity “imports” the file into the current Audacity project - that is, it copies the audio data from the file (or in some cases it creates pointers to the audio data) and saves the copy (or the pointers) in the Audacity project.

More about how Audacity projects work here:

You should be able to play a stream while recording it using VLC. It works on Windows, anyhow.


Vielen Dank , VLC bedient die gewünschte Funktion und scheint die immer größer werdende Datei wiederzugeben , aber leider ohne waveform da ich 384kHz *.wav files nutze ?
So bin ich weiter nach der Suche und für Tipps dankbar .

If you require support in German, please write to the German forum:

Google Translate gives:

Thank VLC uses the desired function and seems to reproduce the growing file, but unfortunately without waveform since I use 384 kHz * .wav files
? So I’m more grateful after searching for and Tips

Does that mean that the issue is resolved?

VLC does not display audio waveforms whatever the properties of the stream or the file you are writing.

If you want the waveform displayed, then you could just Play the network stream in VLC (without converting the stream to a file), then have Audacity record the stream. See Recording Computer Playback on Linux. When the stream is finished playing, export the Audacity recording to your chosen format.

Of course you could play the stream in VLC while transcoding it to a file and also record the playback in Audacity, but you will risk dropouts in the stream or the waveform if you ask too much of your computer.


Sorry forgot to write in English .

Let me clear up my problem : I search for a program with the function that VLC offers : play along of a actual written file . (This file comes over network and has a *.wav with 384kHz , 24bits) I think VLC doesn’t support the 384kHz graphically response (audicity can but not evolving). I want to observe the waveform (and spectrals) of this file continuous .

Thank you so much

As I previously explained VLC does not draw waveforms.

At such a high bit rate (9216 kbps mono or 18432 kbps stereo) I am surprised you can stream that file over a network at all.

If you can stream it, then as I suggested in you can play the stream in VLC and record it in Audacity. Then you can listen (in VLC) and watch the waveforms “growing” (in Audacity).

Is this a scientific experiment that someone has asked you you to do?

There is something called a search engine (Google, Bing and so on) if you want to look for some other “solution”. Alternatively if you cannot understand English so well, you can ask here: