Overused Noise Reduction (I think)

Missed a step.

This is Audiobook Mastering version 4.

Most of that is a long explanation of three tools. I need to see if I can make it look a little simpler. It scares people.

pretend you’re responding to a kindergartener?

That’s a gimme, isn’t it?

You probably figured out loudness seems upside down. Maximum loudness is —0— and it gets quieter as the numbers get bigger. -3dB is the maximum loud an audiobook is allowed to get and -60dB is the maximum loud noise is allowed to get. They’re not simple numbers. -60dB is 1000 times quieter than —0—. It’s because your ear works weird.

The bouncing sound meters work in dB, but the blue waves on the timeline work in percent. 100% is 0dB. 50% is -6dB. The blue waves only display the most significant sounds. For example, you can only see blue waves down to about 3% or so before they turn into blue mush. That’s only -30dB out of 60.

You’re a celebrity unicorn. Nobody passes their first book and fails the second.