only one speaker recording.

Im trying to record a guitar through an edirol ua-25 sound card. but it will only record out of one speaker. Ive selected stereo in preferences and when I record i select new stereo track but still only comes out of one please! thanks. N

Rather than “Add New” “Stereo Track”, just “Add New” “Audio Track”, (which is mono and will come out of both speakers).

[If you want to create a pseudo-stereo effect with your guitar see here … Pseudo-stereo effect - #3 by Trebor ]

An elaboration on Trebor’s reply:
Plug your guitar/microphone into the left channel (channel 1) of the Edirol.
In “Edit menu > Preferences > Devices” (or in the Device Toolbar) set the number of channels to “1 (mono)”. The sound will then come out of both speakers.

thanks Steve, that works! so does that mean I can only record guitar in mono?

How are you trying to record the guitar?
Is it an electric/electro-acoustic guitar plugged directly into the Edirol, or are you using a microphone, or something else?

acoustic with internal pickup and I`d also like to record electric guitar through the same setup. oh and a vocal mic too! guitar plugged into line 6 pod2 going into the edirol.

Well the pick-up will be a mono pick-up.
If you record with one microphone, then that is also a mono source.
Even though you are recording these as mono, you can still pan them left or right of centre in your mix (using the track Pan slider).

The Line6 Pod2 has stereo outputs (because it has stereo effects built in), so if you plug both left and right outputs from the Pod into the Left/Right inputs of the Edirol then you can set Audacity to record 2 channel stereo.

thanks very much Steve that`s brilliant, really helpful and saved me a lot of frustration! :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry…one more thing…my shure sm58 mic wont work either! very faint recording even turned up to 11! turned on the phantom switch. its xlr to jack will that make a difference? do I need a xlr to xlr connection?

Phantom power should be off with an SM58.
Yes you need a male XLR to female XLR cable (that’s a standard microphone cable).

thanks again Steve,extremely helpful…thought it was going to be easy this home recording malarky!