Nyquist Wish List - Nyquist Prompt Enhancement

The recent modification by Edgar-rtf makes a BIG improvement to the Nyquist Generate Prompt.
Many of the limitations that previously existed are resolved by this modification (it has now been submitted as a patch to the developers mailing list, so hopefully it will be committed soon).

The one major limitation that remains is that the plug-in is only capable of evaluating a single expression, so for example:

(print "Hello")
(print "World")

If run in the “Nyquist Prompt”, this will output “World” and the debug output will be:


but if run in the “Nyquist Generate Prompt” it will output “Hello” - the second expression (print “World”) is ignored and the debug output will be:


A more realistic example would be something like:

(defun test (amp)
(mult amp (osc 60)))
(test 0.5)

In this example the Nyquist Generate Prompt will produce no output and no error, because only the first expression (the “test” function) is evaluated.

Here is a new version of the Nyquist Prompt that I think overcomes this limitation.
This version supports multiple expressions, and with the benefit of Edgar’s patch overcomes most of the limitations previously mentioned.
I have also increased the number of lines to 9, which hopefully will still fit on an 800 x 600 screen.