not launching and other problems

os 10.10.5 and up to date audacity (2.1.1).

i reinstalled audacity because i was having another problem: while recording, it sporadically blurts out bits of what i’ve just recorded, which would be annoying enough if i could fix it by just muting, but since the ability to record multiple tracks is the main reason i use audacity, it’s made it kind of unusable. i’ve had audacity for years before this ever happened.

so anyway i reinstalled and as soon as i click “open” on the “audacity is downloaded form the internet, are you sure you want to open?” dialog box, audacity disappears. no, it’s not running in activity monitor and nothing shows up in crash reports. it just quits. thoughts?

To get 2.1.1 launching again, please see Fix for Audacity 2.1.1 not launching.

By “blurts out” do you mean that periodically, you hear a fragment of what you have just recorded, and see this on the green playback meter? I think that is the known bug “Append Record with Transport > Overdub (on/off) enabled may cause periodic playthrough of previously recorded audio”

If you can manage to do without Append Record or overdub, the bug should not occur. If you need append record or overdub, try using Stop button or SPACE to stop recording, rather than SHIFT + A.