Noise Gates

Hey, are there other noise gates that work with Audacity, and if so, anyone recommend any?

are there other noise gates that work with Audacity, and if so, anyone recommend any?

I don’t know of any but somebody else may post.

What do we need our noise gate for? What’s the show?


Hi Koz, it’s a NSFW comedy podcast about marriage/married life/fatherhood - all of that stuff from the perspective of men. If those men were giant children :smiley:

I don’t want to abuse the forum with links but happy to share with anyone interested.

Thank you.

Sometimes the show or presentation will dictate the direction we go with questions.

Why do you need a noise gate?


It’s to help remove “saliva clicks” - if that’s what you’d call them.

I don’t usually smack my lips when I talk, and drinking more water helps (dry mouth when recording?) - but I wanted to try and eliminate those sounds as much as I could.

Turning down the treble helps because they are more high pitched frequencies, but I thought this would help. if you want to hear the most recent episode to see what I mean, but I’m not sharing with the intention of promoting or spamming the board. I am a rule follower by nature.

Also known as a square :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Rather than noise-gate plugin , try DeClicker plugin, (example settings below)…

This is great, thanks. I assume it is the same installation process as others (copy file to plug in library)?

Yes : it’s just another Nyquist plugin, which work in Audacity on all platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux).
If you can post a few seconds of saliva clicks. I can suggest bespoke settings for the DeClicker plugin.

Declicker is great thanks so much

Declicker is great thanks so much

And that’s why we needed to know what you were doing. There are better tools to get what you want.


Wondering if this plugin would be better than the noise gate for removing Macbook mouse click sounds. I’ve tried noise gate but despite playing with the attack/decay settings I’m still getting some unnatural drops in my talking portions.

Noise-gates only work on what should be silence, e.g. the gaps between words,
Noise-gates don’t reduce/remove noise which occurs during words.