Noise Floor

Once we get one to work without any big fuss. I’ll run it through mastering, publish the results and then you get to start with your click and pop suppression—if you feel like it. Once you clear the technical hurdles, it gets a lot fuzzier. ACX doesn’t want any distractions.

ACX wants all your chapters to match, so there is no heavily correcting one chapter and not the next. Once you start a process, you have to continue. As above, they want nothing that can distract from the story. That’s my joke of listening to someone telling you a fascinating story over cups of hot tea.

There is a more global recommendation that the first and last chapters match. This kills the newbies because they start the first book a stumbling, rank amateur and finish a seasoned professional. Now make them match. Many people read the first few chapters over again. You probably won’t have that problem since you’ve already read it once.

And if I didn’t say it before, I think your voice is going to work just fine. It’s our job to get it into an audiobook with the least damage.

This is the write up on Mastering 4. It’s only three tools in bold. Scroll down to — Process. It does use custom tools, so it’s good to read the post from the beginning. The tools depend on each other, they are a suite—a harmonious grouping, so don’t ad lib. If you fail something, post back.