no line in on laptop

Hi, have a recording issue with audacity. I don’t have a line in on my laptop, only a mic input. So I can’t get audacity to record in stereo. I went to realtek and dowloaded an audio driver as I saw on you tube. Didn’t work. I think it’s an issue with my sound card. It’s a sigma tel audiio driver. What can I do? Thanx.

I’m surprised it’s not also distorted. Those two tend to go together.

There is no convenient software fix. I used a Behringer UCA-202 stereo adapter.

It’s a good combination of high quality and low cost, and it’s certified for overdubbing in case you want to sing all three Andrews Sisters by yourself. I have two.

It’s not the only one.


Please don’t rely on YouTube to give you sensible advice. Realtek only offer generic drivers that will not be properly matched to your hardware.

Assuming you have a branded computer like Dell or Lenovo, go to their site to download the correct audio drivers, but don’t expect that to give you a quality stereo line-in when you don’t have one.

If it didn’t distort with flattened topped-out waves, then you probably have a compatible input that recognises stereo line level but is still of poor quality. You can set such an input to stereo in Windows Sound but if you want good recordings you should invest in a UCA 202 or similar.