no audio from line in/headphone socket

I have an asus laptop and I cannot get any audio from my cassette deck via the line in/headphone 3.5mm socket. I’m using windows 10. I seem to only het audio through the laptop’s internal mic. what am I doing wrong?

Assuming that Asus actually called it “Line-In/Headphone,” then you need to switch to Line-In in Windows sound management before Audacity will get the audio. It’s pretty common for a computer not to have the right drivers and support software for Windows 10. Check with Asus for updates.

If nothing works, you may need something like a Behringer UCA-202 to go between the computer and your cassette deck. Here’s one between my stereo sound mixer and my Windows machine.

Other people make adapters like this.

People also make adapters that just duplicate what you already have. Don’t buy those.