Newbie to the Board & to Audacity - Laptop has no line in...

What to do? Any thoughts on an interface that I can use via firewire…is there a device that anyone has had good results with? I’m recording readings for my special ed kids, because they struggle with reading and work better with audio. I’d appreciate any help…and if you gotta razz the newbie, razz away.

The built in mic is not clean enough for what I want to do…

That little thing in the middle is a Behringer UCA-202. It’s a USB stereo interface both directions. It has local headphones and has been certified for Overdubbing/Sound-On-Sound.

I have two.

This is one in a series. The UFO-202 has a phono preamp inside and used with old format, analog turntables.

And other people make adapters.

Whatever you buy has to explicitly say Stereo or Stereo Line. There are adapters such as the Startech ICUSBAUDIO…

Which seems like a nice unit and some of the ads say “stereo,” but it’s only stereo playback, it won’t record stereo.


OK you asked for it :slight_smile: Please don’t forget to tell us your Audacity version number as per the pink panel at the top of the page.


Ack! Sorry. Will rectify version number.

kozikowski: The interface you posted looks like a workable solution, but can I then connect to the headphone output of a cassette/radio/cd and get clean sound or do I have to hunt down a cassette deck. My old dual one crapped out a few years ago.

Thank you Gale!
I have 2.1.1 right now - is there a place in the User Profile for entering that data? I couldn’t locate one…might just be that my ADHD kept me from being thorough…
Or does that mean that I should list it in each post?

Or connect any AUX or line output of the music centre to the UCA 202. The AUX or line may be higher quality than the headphones but won’t let you change its output volume.


Thanks. Better to tell us at the top of each new topic, if you can. We don’t give you a place you can store that because we figured it could be misleading if users forgot to update it.


Line-Out or AUX Out are not always safe bets, either. My sister has an entertainment center whose AUX connection is designed low volume to force you to use one of their proprietary products. I used her headphone socket, but try those first.

Some devices have a Tape Out (you may have to zoom your browser).