newbie seeks recommendations

I can’t find Mastering Four in the Help Manual.

There’s a terrific reason for that. I didn’t write it for the Help Manual. It’s a plain, standard forum posting just like yours.

Every so often I’ll write something in a post that turns out dangerously close to being useful for way more than just a single human. A couple of expansions, a nip here and a tuck there and it turns into Audiobook Mastering 4. What it didn’t turn into was a manual entry.

I’m OK in English (American) and I’m passable in HTML/CSS (web page language) and Forum-Speak, but the Manual is written in Wiki format. That’s like a fourth language. “OK, translate your document into Latin. That’s not a problem, is it?”

I’ll get right on that. It has a very prominent place on my 2Doo list.

Do you remember what failed in your original pass through the suite? It’s not unusual for us to post custom versions to address specific problems.

I’m not suggesting you do it now. Once you get a process to work, you should stick with it. Still, it would be good to know what happened. There are even “standard” problems that appear regularly often enough that we wrote “standard” solutions, but not often enough to include them in the suite. One of the goals of the suite was simplicity. All that fuss and it’s only three effects, four if you have noise.

Congrats on your success. I’m going to put another notch on my CPU. Have you picked out the beach you’re going to retire to after the checks start rolling in?