New logo / icon proposal

Audacity has had its current logo for a very long time (I found it myself about 8 years ago). I think it’s overdue for an update, especially considering the current trend of flat, minimalistic UI.

With the help of this guy I made a new logo based on the current one. It’s very Mac-oriented though, so I’ll also be working on a new one in the meantime. While this one uses the awesome template provided here, version 2.0 will be a completely original design so stay tuned!

Version 1.0 preview, retina compatible:
How it looks on the dock:
Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 9.52.54 PM.png

My proposal!! No so beautiful like yours… rsrs

Audacity Logo_Colour.png
Hello. I’m currently doing a beginner’s user guide to Audacity as my final school project, and I redesigned the logo to be used in the manual. Keep i mind I’m also attempting to maintain the same colour scheme as the original. Let me know what you think!

I made both a colour and a black and white version of the logo in Illustrator, along with a ‘reverse’ version for both, so I’ll post them up in the near future.

Thanks eijones.
Perhaps you could make a smaller version that will fit on the “gallery” page
That topic is locked so that we can maintain some degree of order to the topic, so just post it here and I’ll link it through to the gallery topic.

Quite some cool stuff in this and the locked thread. Will the logoupdate ever happen?

The gallery page is locked to save me and other moderators time removing posts that aren’t gallery images. How it works is; when someone wishes to share their proposed Audacity artwork, they start a topic in this “Audacity Artwork and Graphics” board, then either I or one of the other moderators adds their artwork to the gallery. It’s saves a lot of time doing it this way.

Yes the logo probably will be updated at some time.
This came very close to being adopted, and I’d guess that we will eventually adopt something along these lines:

hudstock your logo is amazing. To me there’s no question, this should be the next Audacity logo. It has everything a good logo deserves :

  • Nice color scheme
  • The first letter of the name inside it with a double signification (sound wave) in a cool curvy style
  • The very regognizable general shape of the previous logo

I may just make the font a little less classic, perhaps with more rounded ends, which may go along nicely with your A with a dot in it.

I wonder if the owners of Audacity would actually consider using it in the future.

This is pure gold! I doubt project folks would like to replace the current logo for this one but this one looks indeed really beautiful, modern and fresh.

I would totally try to see if I can change my own audacity instance to use this logo. Thank you for this!

Not bad but alot of the newer icons have that sort of flat / neo-flat type of style, without much gradient. Some good courses here on logo design etc -

I just remembered something funny… Years ago, people were complaining about the U.S. Postal Service being slow so they made the logo faster. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Well… That was my interpretation of events. I just looked it up and it was 1993 when they went from the “standing eagle” to the “sonic eagle”

The more I look at hudstock’s logo the more I find it visual cues that are right on point with the application.

To add to my previous post

  • The smooth sound curve suggests a smooth and satisfying sound quality, where the original red sound wave looks aggressive to the ear and “low poly”, which is synonym to low quality
  • the dot looks like a drop, as if the headset is dropping some bass

So it’s a very visual way of representing a smooth sound and would I add, is even prone to be animated, were an eventual official video channel to be created and looking to make a nice intro.

Once more I express my wish for this logo to be considered, which I find to be the only legit proposal, even though it still needs improvements.

Here’s my quick attempt at bringing closer home:
And here’s the Blend file if anyone’s interested :

Forgot the attachement, sorry. The blend file is now attached to this post.
Audacity logo - ChameleonScales (235 KB)

I guess the only way to please all of the Audacity users (if this is even humanly possible) is to make an option for them (us, really) to change the default icon, and splash screen for a customized one. :wink:

Thanks for your contribution. I have added your logo to the Logo Gallery.

This is the current Audacity logo after it was updated on 14 Jan 2018
(High resolution versions are included in the Audacity source code.)

I expect that it will be updated again in due course.

In Linux (don’t know about other OSes), changing the icon is a piece of cake. But implementing an Audacity functionality for that is I believe out of question. There can only be one official Audacity logo.

Most definitely impossible. People’s goals can be diametrically opposite. Some want to modernize it to appeal to the widest potential new userbase, others want it to look retro and “homemade” to appeal only to the the nerds and the rebels. I respect both visions. All I hope is that either way, whoever has the last word doesn’t give the flat minimalistic treatment to the logo. No one likes that guy.

The current logo was an attempt at compromise: A bit more “modern” (no more serifs, and a bit flatter), but retaining much of the character of the previous version.

In my opinion, The current logo is looking great. All it needs is an update