Neither GSnap or AutoTalent enable

Hi everyone.

I’m having issues enablinb plug ins on Audacity.
I have OS X Yosemite 10.10.5.

I place the plug in files (autotalent.vst and gsnap.vst) in the plug-in folder. They show up on the list of New plug ins, and when I press Enable and OK nothing seems to happen, and then if I go back to the list they are under New again.

I’ve seen people recommend deleting a file called “pluginregistry.cfg”, which I do not find in my system at all.

I’ve tried everything and can’t get it to work. Is anyone familiar with this issue?

Thank you very much for your attention

I don’t speak Mac, but that behaviour looks like you’re trying to use 32-bit plugins on 64-bit version of Audacity, which won’t work. You need the 32-bit version of Audacity for that.

BTW the free version of Grallion2 does autotune, & has a 64-bit Mac version.

[& 32 bit mac … Auburn Sounds - Where may I find older versions? ]