Need help with settings please

OK. Working backwards.

Starting with Audacity, make sure the input level control is all the way up (microphone symbol).

Audacity doesn’t apply any corrections or filters on recording.

Then make sure Windows is turned up. Right-Click on the speaker symbol, lower right. While you’re in there, make sure Windows isn’t trying to “help you” by applying chat or conference voice corrections, noise cancellation or environment suppression.

Then, as above, make sure your microphone switch is at #1 (directional, no pad) and you’re speaking into the company logo.

This is the link to the AudioBook Mastering Suite Version 4

The tools only work in Audacity 2.1.3 or later. Please don’t ad lib or leave tools out. The steps are tested as a suite and depend on each other.

Write back if you have problems.