My recording sound goes low

I started using audacity today but when i record tunes with my guitar it starts with high sound but then goes to very low, i noticed that if i pause it then play again it records again with high sound but then goes to low and stays like that unless i pause, what can the problem be? i put my input on high and increase the volume in my computer and amplifier and still records very low, though the monitor says im clipping :S…any help is appreciated. thanks.

This generally happens when you apply sound to a computer (usually PC) that has Automatic Level Control turned on.

It also happens frequently if you feed the high level output (Line-Out, Tape Out, Headphone Out) of a mixer into the low level input (Mic-In, Pink) of your computer. That’s a bad sound mismatch. Plug instead into the Line-In (blue) if you have one or any Mac.


thanks mate ill try taht

You know how to turn that off?


Here are some links to check out:

I hope this helps.