MP3 error - Project resides on FAT formatted drive...

Hi, I am storing my mp3 recordings out on google drive to share with my choir mates. I get an error when i try to open the mp3. I copyed the files to other cloud sharing software and it works great.

Any ideas how to work around this?



Could just be Audacity being fussy about the type of mp3, (rather than file corruption)

I have a few of the exact same mp3s stored out on different cloud platforms, namely dropbox, and onedrive. The file loads on both of those platforms - audacity shows it is importing the mp3 and just plays it.

If its on a Google drive, i get that error msg. I will try with some different file types to see if there is a difference…

I wonder if you get the same error if you start Audacity first, then open your .mp3 file.

Good idea! Gave it a shot - same error. Im using 3.0.2 - I’ll try upgrading…