Mouth Noise and Mouth Clicks

Noobie here, so please be gentle. Is there a plugin to remove mouth noise and mouth clicks. I saw a video about a program Rx10 but the pro version is like $400 and that’s out of my price range. Thanks in advance.


There is a free Audacity-specific plugin called Paul-L’s de-clicker

It’s not simple to use, and ain’t got no AI:
it can remove clicks where there should be clicks, (e.g. in the word click).

Thank you! I appreciate the help!


[gasp] So there’s hope. [tick] I can read my book, and afford the place on the beach after all.

I’m wondering what this replaces. I know there is a slow, painful, manual way to do this but I never saw a good How-To.


The lip-smacking tends to lie from 2kHz and upwards, and 1ms-5ms …


You may need a second pass with the de-clicker on different settings to catch other (lower & longer) clicks.

There is no one setting on Paul-L’s de-clicker which will catch all the clicks.

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