Modulate Ch. A in Amplitude AND Frequency with Ch. B

I would like to cause an audio signal in channel A to be modulated in both amplitude and frequency (simultaneously) by a random waveform in channel B.

To take an example, ch.A is a 2Vpp 200Hz sine wave. Ch. B is brown noise that has been time stretched to produce a slow random wave form. When the latter is used to modulate 200Hz, the 200Hz would vary in amplitude between 1 and 2Vpp, and in frequency between 150 and 200Hz.

The depth of modulation for both amplitude and frequency ideally need to be specified, perhaps as a percentage.

Is it possible to create a script that will do this?

If so, how would it be configured?

I know of Nyquist code which Amplitude Modulates one channel with another,
see … sound multiplication - #2 by steve

Frequency Modulation is also possible via Nyquist prompt …
Modulate one waveform/track with another (FM synthesis) - #2 by steve (NB: that’s old “legacy version” syntax).

Is it possible to write a Nyquist script for Audacity that will perform both AM and FM, from one channel upon the other, simultaneously in a single operation?

Also, you mention the FM script you linked is “legacy”. Can anyone please refer me to a current version?

When using legacy code in Nyquist prompt you have to tick a box,
see … Old Nyquist Prompt I was given no longer working - #2 by Trebor

BTW there are two Audacity plug-ins which do
Random Amplitude Modulation & Random Pitch (Frequency) Modulation

How would that work / what does that mean? What is the transform function? Can you give an example of that process performed in some other way (an electronic circuit, or steps that could be done manually with Audacity or some other application)?