Mixing voice with music and nature sounds

I have been trying to mix together the following:

  • voice (spoken words)
  • nature sounds like sea/birds
  • relaxing music

But haven’t found a way to balance them correctly.

They are for relaxation/hypnosys test and it is very important that they blend in extremely well so none feels overpowering any other. That is very important to help relaxation and avoid getting distracted by unexpected sound/volume bursts/changes.

What are the guidelines, techniques, tips and tricks to make a really good job?

Thank you as always!! :slight_smile:

This is just going to require your own artistic judgement. Mixing is ALWAYYS done by-ear.

Can have the voice AutoDuck the other tracks to maintain a constant volume.
(The Ducking mode in Steve’s Dynamic Mirror plugin is an alternative to native AutoDuck).

Dynamic range compression will smooth out variations in volume.

Thank you Trebor and DVDdoug,

Should I do it before, after or befor AND after I merge all the tracks?

Thank you

If before is not sufficient, compress before & after merge.

Thank you Trebor :slight_smile: