Mixing records together

Just downloaded Audacity 2.0.2 onto Windows 7 sp1 64-bit machine.

I want to put four or five different records on the screen as separate tracks, then cut, splice, and crossfade them into a single track result.

Is this possible? Thanks loads for helping me become the next Phil Spector!

Yes. Each time you Import a song, it will stack up as a new track top to bottom. Use the Time Shift Tool (Sideways black arrows) to push each tune later until the beginnings and endings work out. Envelope tool (white arrows and bent blue line) to do note by note fades.

The MUTE and SOLO buttons can be used to play individual tracks or silence tracks.

Phil who?


You can alternatively try it with my plug-in:
Only in case you want to have speedy results. It is still beta, so just post a feed back if you’re not content with it.