Mixing Live Tracks - volume issue during transition from track to track

It’s normalized to an equivalent loudness of moderately loud pink noise.

I’ve no idea what you are referring to.

If you want each song to be the same loudness, select the first song then apply the effect, then the second song and apply the effect, and so on.
If you select the whole track, then it will take the average loudness of the entire track and normalize that, but individual songs in that track may be louder or quieter than others.

This worked perfectly. What I found a bit surprising was that every track went down down in decibels. I figured some quiet ones would have been increased.

If you had a very quiet track, then it would have been increased. None of your songs were very quiet.

Steps 3 to 5 in this post Mixing Live Tracks - volume issue during transition from track to track - #11 by steve allow you to adjust the overall level without affecting the relative levels of each song.

Is it possible to label tracks within the project? I’ve been exporting the various tracks and songs into one FLAC file. Then I import that FLAC file into Audacity and put the label marks/edits. THan I export the multiple files again.

I am guessing I can do this more efficiently?

Yes, that should work. You can label like this:

and then Export Multiple based on Labels. Note that Export Multiple defaults to “based on Tracks”, so you have to override that and manually select the option to “Split files based on: Labels”.

Note also that these labels must all be in the same label track. Export Multiple only uses the first label track.

Excellent advice…it worked.