Migration from 2.3.2 to 3.0

I did my best to check around, but is there an upgrade or migration guide from 2.3 to 3.0?

I avoided upgrading after having problems with the 2.3 changes to equalization, macros etc. but now have time to update and re-learn how to achieve the same results.

My primary use of audacity is digitizing vinyl albums. I have a new analogue to digital pre-amp so things need tweaking anyway.

I have:

  • custom keyboard config
    custom macros
    custom equalization profiles for different quality records

What should I expect to work, what to have to recreate? Is there a good way to backup my current config before upgrading?

The basic steps are that you just install the new version over the top of the old version to update it. Your customization should remain intact (not affected). However, if you have important settings that you don’t want to lose, then it’s a good idea to back them up first.

Backing up keyboard shortcuts:
Use the “Export” function in Keyboard Preferences. See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/keyboard_preferences.html

Backing up Macros:
Macros are stored as text files, one for each macro. You will find them in the hidden folder:
where “” is your user name.

Backing up Eq curves:
Are you using the “Equalization” effect or the “Filter Curve EQ”?
Either way, you need to export your custom curves.
Audacity 3.0.0 includes a tool that can convert the older “Equalization” settings into “Filter Curve EQ” settings. See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/eq_xml_to_txt_converter.html

Backing up other settings:
Audacity has three configuration files in

  • audacity.cfg
  • pluginregistry.cfg
  • pluginsettings.cfg

You can just copy those three files to somewhere else as a backup.

The quick way to backup just about everything, is to simply copy the folder:
but it’s useful to know which bits in there do what.

Thanks. Yes, I stayed at 2.3.2 to continue to use the Equalization effects/curves rather than upgrade and re-invent as need in 2.3.3.

I’ve done all the backups as suggested, thanks so much. I’ll do the upgrade to 3.0 and see how it works out. Thank you again!

You will need to update any macros that use the Equalization effect. It’s fairly straightforward, but give a shout if you need help (and keep backups of everything until you’re fully up and running).

Thanks, I specifically don’t use equalization in macros, so I can test with different settings, usually based on the quality of the vinyl per album.

I do use Normalization, and have updated my main macro to use Loudness Normalization instead. It seems to be pretty good so far.

I’m going to use the backup/export you suggested to copy everything over to a second machine that I use from to time and so they’ll finally be in snyc. Thanks again.

Note that “Loudness Normalization” does NOT guarantee the peak level. Some songs can have a much higher peak level than others that are the same “loudness”, so you have to allow plenty of headroom to avoid clipping peaks.

Yes, understood thanks. I’ve read many of the articles here about it and normalization, amplification etc. I’ll continue experimenting with 3.0 and the new loudness normalization, and se what works best.

I’ve just added a picture of the album I recorded this morning to a feature request, if you have any advice, I’m always open to it. https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/renumber-lables/61061/1