microphone recording

Using Windows 7, with a new install Audacity 2.2.1 Myu device is not recording anything into the program. I here nothing at playback. I am using an acoustic guitar with a Takamine AccurAcoustic pickup, with a fresh battery, which I know works because my amplifier sure picks it up pretty good and loud; computer microphone jack is good, with up to date driver, although it is from 2009, but whatever, Realtek High Definition Audio Default Device; When I try to record, the track pattern is totally flat, and I hear nothing at playback, except some hum from computer, which I know is another issue. I had this same problem in 2.0 version also.

Am I supposed to plug my guitar directly in to the mike port on my computer?

Hp pavillion desk top, windows 7 Audacity 2.2.1

If you have a nice acoustic guitar, you will be able to get much better recording with a good microphone plugged into a reasonably good microphone pre-amp. The microphone inputs on laptops have a reputation for being astoundingly bad.

This is possibly the longest topic on the forum, but has a wealth of information about exactly this task: budget (usb) mic for classical guitar recording needed