Meeting ACX Requirements w/ Audacity


I’m the female version of Ian if only I’d been here to help him out with the female parts.

My setup is completely identical to his, blue snowball, homemade mini-booth (though I didn’t use it recording those samples posted), the only thing I lack is the noise he gets outside his place. For me noise is not a problem, but the empty room I’m doing this in is. I’d rather not move my whole desktop into my closet, but hey if I have to, I’ll look at investing in a laptop and a different mic.


If I can work with what I have now and do it successfully, and by successfully I mean tricking everyone into thinking I have some high quality studio and watching their jaws drop with knowing it’s not, then I can sleep better at night. :wink: [ I’m honestly looking into getting new equipment as we speak though :neutral_face: ]

P.S- I will gladly narrate anything for you anytime. Seriously, I will… no matter what… so let’s have a go, I’ll start by reading part of your next post to see how the progress with the recording is. :smiley: