Medley(Megamix) Creation

Hello, many thanks to whoever puts in the work to provide the free audacity software.

I downloaded the software (version 2.0.2) in order to be able to create a Medley/Megamix of Michael Jackson songs - from others here who have experience in doing this, is the task relatively easy providing the manuals and tutorials have been thoroughly worked through?

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Do you want them to merge into one another (cross-fade) or just paly one after another like on a CD?

It’s encouraging to hear from someone who actually proposes to read the documentatiom - that’s rare for folk these days :slight_smile:

This is what I had hoped to do, yes. I have noticed that there are ‘Fade In’ and ‘Fade Out’ commands while having a quick play with the software, so I assume these will have to be utlised in some way. After having looked at the software so far it looks as though it will take a certain amount of time to master, as with any software interface.

I do have an example of a track to illustrate what kind of megamix I am aiming to create, albeit in a much simpler fashion, as the following link was very professionally produced:

The best way is probably to import each one onto its own stereo track (one above the other)

The use the time-shift tool to slide the along so the end of the first slightly overlaps the second - try to match the beats. Etc for all other tracks

Then manage the fades - you can do this by selecting the end overlap and using Effect> Cross Fade Out and then select the start overlap and use Effect> Cross Fade In.

Test it by listening - Undo if you want to undo and revert any changes
When you export Audacity will mix & render the tracks into a single stereo track.


Many thanks for your response. I have also noticed there is a ‘Vocal Remover’ effect available, is this easy to master?

I have quickly tried to remove the vocals from a track, but it seems as though the key to this is finding out the frequency at which the vocals reside, will this be difficult to ahieve for some tracks?

Vocal removal often does not work - it all depends on the source material. See here:

Many thanks for your responses, apologies for the late reply.

I had assumed this with regards to the Vocal Remover, I think considering I am a beginner with this kind of software that the other features will suffice.

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If you want to arrange your tracks, one after the other with some features like overlap time, crossover etc. you can try my plug-in:
Leave a comment if you find it useful or if you have any problems.