Measure Loudness in LUFS


Please be aware that when using VST/AU/LADSPA plugins in Audacity, there is an error, has been present for many years
and is still present.

The error is that the audio levels sent to the plugin from Audacity are wrong, they are too high by up to 6dB, and it varies.
This means that any plugin that measures Peak, RMS, LUFS, will report the wrong values.

Also note that this error does not affect built-in effects such as Nyquist ones and the built-in Normalize effect.

I wrote about it here:

Others have reported it too:

The problem/error is present on Windows, Mac and Linux (if not using Jackd).
Under Linux, if the plugin is applied in the Jackd chain (i.e. on the main output of Audacity output, then it’s fine).